Maximize your WSO2 investments

WSO2 is a 100% Open-Source enterprise middleware platform that helps organizations to easily connect their data and applications across legacy, SaaS, and On-Prem environments. This API-first platform comes fully equipped to significantly enhance collaboration between enterprises, employees, customers, partners, and vendors. In a nutshell, it gives you the power of scalable innovation to make your business more competitive!

Tellestia’s WSO2 expertise puts you in the driver’s seat of your enterprise’s IT ecosystem for enabling business growth, product innovation, and service excellence. We offer end-to-end WSO2 services that ensure quick roll-outs, lowered deployment risks, and proactive support and maintenance.

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Benefits of WSO2

Embrace digital future readiness by leveraging a seamless cloud-native integration platform

Scale technology infrastructure based on market demands without getting bogged down by integration challenges
Provide streamlined access to digital tools that improve workforce collaboration and productivity

Secure your IT ecosystem by using authentication protocols to manage user privileges and increase data security

Harness actionable and contextual insights gathered from real-time data monitoring and analysis
Simplify management of external and internal APIs to create memorable customer experiences

Our WSO2 service offerings

Tellestia ensures the effortless and secure management of your WSO2 lifecycle – from establishing a roadmap for implementation or migration to providing managed support services. We help you get rid of complicated point-to-point integrations and scale your technology adoption depending on business transformation requirements.

WSO2 Integration Services
Tellestia rapidly connects your IT ecosystem to external systems and applications through WSO2 platform. We provide hassle-free integration services such as API hosting, data stream processing, and service orchestration.
WSO2 Migration Services

Tellestia empowers you to quickly migrate to WSO2 technology with a modernized integration platform that ensures improved business ROI. We provide migration services to help transition to cloud-native environments.

WSO2 Staffing Services

Tellestia builds and enriches your enterprise’s pool of skilled WSO2 resources to stay on top of innovation needs. We provide staffing services to bring onboard the best resources to take ownership of digital integration.

WSO2 Support Services

Tellestia offers 24×7 support during the development and operational stage of your WSO2 platform. We provide managed services that go beyond updating patches and fixes to future-proof your WSO2 suite.

Our key differentiators

Our cross-skilled capability and support process compliance expertise ensure higher turnaround time, rationalize operational expenditure, and deliver innovative solutions across support areas.

Reduced TCO

Our proven track record shows that we can help increase overall value by 30-40 % and improve productivity by 15-20% annually.

Manageable Costs

Our focus is on offering multiple support plans to get more flexibility while choosing the best-fit plan for your business.

Open-source Experts

Our risk-free transition approach is equipped with a steady-state framework and extensive scope for continuous improvement.

Increase your enterprise integration flexibility with WSO2