Maximize your WSO2 investments

WSO2 is a 100% open-source enterprise integration platform that empowers organizations to seamlessly connect their data and applications across legacy systems, SaaS, and On-Prem environments. With its API-first approach, the WSO2 platform is designed to enhance collaboration among enterprises, employees, customers, partners, and vendors. It offers a range of powerful modules, including WSO2 API Management and Identity & Access Management, which further augment its capabilities. By leveraging these modules, the WSO2 Middleware Platform provides the tools and functionalities needed to foster scalable innovation and enable businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market.

As a trusted WSO2 partner, Tellestia specializes in leveraging the power of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and its modules. Our expertise enables enterprises to take full control of their IT ecosystem, driving business growth, facilitating product innovation, and ensuring service excellence. With our end-to-end WSO2 services, we facilitate quick roll-outs, mitigate deployment risks, and provide proactive WSO2 support and managed services, allowing organizations to harness the full potential of the WSO2 platform.

Tellestia - WSO2 Provisional Integration Partner

Benefits of WSO2

Seamless Integration: Connect data and applications across environments effortlessly for smooth data flow and interoperability.

API-First Approach: Efficiently manage and expose APIs, enabling easy integration with external systems and fostering collaboration with partners.
Scalable Innovation: Rapidly develop and deploy new solutions, services, and business models for a competitive edge.

Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate seamless communication, data sharing, and collaboration among enterprises, employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Open-Source Flexibility: Leverage a 100% open-source platform with flexibility and customization options to meet specific business needs, and fostering continuous innovation.
Avoid Vendor Lock-In: Freedom to customize, extend, and adapt the platform without being tied to a specific vendor, preventing vendor lock-in.

Our WSO2 service offerings

Tellestia ensures the effortless and secure management of your WSO2 lifecycle – from establishing a roadmap for implementation or migration to providing managed support services. We help you get rid of complicated point-to-point integrations and scale your technology adoption depending on business transformation requirements.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is a flexible integration platform designed to connect and transform data seamlessly between legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs. Its open-source nature empowers you with the freedom to build a custom digital architecture that fits your specific requirements. With WSO2 EI, you gain runtime capabilities for data and service integration, messaging, and business process execution, all in one centralized hub. Harness the power of microservices and analytics within this comprehensive platform for efficient and streamlined integration.

WSO2 API Manager

The WSO2 API Manager is an open-source solution, providing you with the freedom to adapt and customize as needed. It offers comprehensive support for API publishing, lifecycle management, application development, access control, rate limiting, monetization, and analytics. Additionally, the API Manager serves as the foundation for security and governance components, ensuring the protection of your users, data, and systems.

WSO2 Identity Server

The WSO2 Identity Server is a robust solution that enhances the security of your IT infrastructure, enabling smooth operation of your business processes. With a seamless integration of security and usability, this server simplifies the process of connecting with new applications as per your requirements. Additionally, it ensures the protection of your dataflows, allowing only authorized individuals to access the relevant systems. Experience enhanced security and efficiency with WSO2 Identity Server.

WSO2 Support Services

Tellestia understands the importance of seamless support throughout the development and operational stages of your WSO2 platform. Our 24×7 WSO2 support services extend beyond mere patch updates and fixes. We offer WSO2 managed services that proactively future-proof your WSO2 suite, ensuring it remains optimized and aligned with your evolving needs.

Our key differentiators

Our cross-skilled capability and support process compliance expertise ensure higher turnaround time, rationalize operational expenditure, and deliver innovative solutions across support areas.

Reduced TCO

Our proven track record shows that we can help increase overall value by 30-40 % and improve productivity by 15-20% annually.

Manageable Costs

Our focus is on offering multiple support plans to get more flexibility while choosing the best-fit plan for your business.

Open-source Experts

Our risk-free transition approach is equipped with a steady-state framework and extensive scope for continuous improvement.

Increase your enterprise integration flexibility with WSO2