EDI B2B Integration Services

Future-proof EDI integration

An EDI solution can be a game-changer for the modern enterprise. It streamlines B2B communication, supports seamless data exchange, and improves overall efficiency. But your IT teams end up spending a lot of time and effort to manage different EDI formats, which delays the data exchange.

Our EDI integration experts enable you to overcome these challenges. We help you:

  • Streamline EDI integration workflow for faster partner onboarding.
  • Transform EDI messages into XML, flat files, and databases.
  • Create a centralized environment to monitor EDI transactions in real-time.
Teamwork of businesspeople work together and combine pieces of gears. Partnership and integration concept

Breaking down EDI B2B integration barriers

EDI is becoming mandatory for enterprises that exchange a humongous amount of information. But the difficulty of supporting multiple EDI formats like EDIFACT, ANSI, X12, HL7 leads to challenges such as:

Poor integration flexibility and extensibility to tap into relevant functionalities
Lack of a data mapping tool to enable successful B2B integration
Improperly defined SLAs that lead to unnecessary chargebacks
Ineffective communication channels to ensure partner transparency
No cohesiveness with partner’s system configurations, protocols, etc.
Expensive EDI integration solutions that lower middleware ROI

Our EDI and B2B integration services

Tellestia has the expertise to rearchitect your existing EDI solution or build one from scratch. Our EDI integration solution can eliminate the complexities of handling multiple EDI formats, automate EDI mapping to process high volume transactions, and faster onboard partners.

EDI and B2B Consulting Services
We offer consulting services on EDI and B2B integration architecture, software deployment, EDI solutioning, upgrades, and more.
EDI B2B Integration Solution Implementation

We provide EDI and B2B Implementation services in line with world-class and industry-specific best practices.

EDI Trading Partner Services

We can work directly with your trading partners and automate your end-to-end B2B processes at lowered costs.

EDI and B2B Managed Services

We provide 24×7 support services to reduce your TCO while keeping your EDI operations running smoothly.

EDI Mapping and B2B Translation Services

We provide automated EDI mapping solutions to process transactions faster and translate EDI messages into various formats.

EDI B2B Upgrade Services

We are equipped to ensure smooth upgrades with EDI and B2B integration solutions across multiple industries.

Why Choose Us

We help modernize your EDI and B2B integration to make sure that your business is competitive and future proofed. Our aim is to provide a scalable solution that supports large EDI volumes, end-to-end visibility, and data security.

Specialized Experience

Backed by over a decade of specialized middleware experience, we develop industry-specific solutions that reduce development time and save money.


As middleware experts, we assist our clients in building robust solutions on both open-source and licensed-based enterprise integration platforms.


With our commitment to client success, we provide 24×7 dedicated support and respond to business needs immediately at very affordable costs.

Maximize your ROI by modernizing EDI integration.