Single Customer View

One view to engage them all

The sheer volume of customer data that flows through enterprises is staggering. It stems from the explosive growth of touchpoints and technology advancements that have unlocked data connectivity. But what of use would all the data in the world be if you can’t use their insights to improve customer engagement? So, you require quick access to holistic data insights on browsing, in-store purchasing, shipping, etc., to not just meet customer expectations but predict and exceed them, as well.

Tellestia’s single customer view solutions make it a breeze to integrate the customer information in your offline and online touchpoints. We help bring together deep-dive insights from across the customer journey. Our integration experience accelerates data unification from siloed data sources to create a meaningful single customer view.

Single Customer View

Our single customer view expertise

Unify data from all sources

We orchestra the quick and smooth flow of data from your disparate data touchpoints to a centralized repository. Add new channels frictionlessly – without worrying about leaving any data behind.

Get a bird’s eye view of customers
We enable the integration of customer data across the sales cycle to build a 360-degree view of customers. Ensure that every interaction is based on the context of individual customer journeys.
Ensure your data is fully compliant
We store your customer data sources into a single place – including personal, interactional, and transactional information – to eliminate. Get quick access to make sure data permissions are updated.
Enhance marketing, sales, and service

We strengthen your communication with prospects and existing customers with API-driven integration solutions.  Target your customers with personalized campaigns to increase the chance of sales conversion.

Why choose Tellestia

Tellestia’s helps you stay engaged with customers – irrespective of how many systems, applications, devices, and data formats are involved in their journeys. Our strength lies in empowering you to overcome every integration challenge and capitalize on the opportunities in the process of building a holistic 360-degree customer view.

True API power

Modularize the single customer view with a state-of-the-art API-led approach and stay hyperconnected.

Bridging physical and digital

Enable synchronicity in collecting and interpreting customer data from cloud-based or on-premises systems.

Modernized data sets

Effortlessly integrate new data sources into your existing technology landscape by reconfiguring APIs.

Speed of data flow

Pull the data from disparate touchpoints at blazing-fast speed with out-of-the-box solution accelerators.

Better customer service

Get a clear and concise view of customer expectations and be available to fix them at the right time and place.

Post-integration support

Stay tuned to your systems and applications that enable a single customer view with proactive 24×7 support.

Other Solutions We Offer

Process Automation

Eliminate manual business processes and empower workflow efficiency through automation.

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Omnichannel Integration

Deliver a unified customer experience by synchronizing your data, devices, and channels.

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Legacy Modernization

Empower your legacy systems to expose data and services with digital channels and vice-versa.

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SaaS Integration

Enable a free flow of data between applications (cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise) in real-time.

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Simplify integration while creating a single customer view.