SaaS Integration

Speed up SaaS integrations
- modernize your enterprise

Seamless and cost-effective SaaS integration is either an immediate requirement or a top-priority goal for future-thinking enterprises. Once known as the SaaS bubble, this flexible and subscription-driven technology ecosystem has trickled down to every part of the enterprise – fueling speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Hence, the call for SaaS integration maturity is loud and clear – especially for those who have to build and manage the connectivity between single-function cloud-based apps into enterprise-wide on-premises legacy systems.

Tellestia’s SaaS integration solutions simplify SaaS deployments through a future-ready data processing approach that comes equipped with control, security, and interoperability. We help you meet the expectations of your business’ expanding digital ecosystems, without spending to address skill gaps and deal with complex integration workflows.

SaaS Integration

Our SaaS Integration expertise

Empower SaaS application scalability

We build accelerator-driven workflows that enable enterprise-wide integration of SaaS application architectures. Make sure your SaaS platforms are built to scale and grow with an innovation-first mindset.

Align IT ecosystem with business goals
We provide reusable frameworks to let your on-premises systems seamlessly talk to and collaborate with new SaaS applications. Enable your enterprise to meet its key goals by digitally growing the IT landscape.
Eliminate integration delays or disruptions
We scale your enterprise’s ability to meet modern business expectations without integration-influenced delays. Swiftly start connecting your data with new-age applications through reusable APIs.
Fulfill SaaS compliance requirements

We equip you to be fully compliant while transferring data from your on-premise systems into SaaS applications. Get a policy-driven framework to establish tight security and governance protocols.

Why choose Tellestia

Tellestia’s helps you integrate and deploy SaaS-based applications across your technology stack. Our wide range of expertise makes us your best-fit partner to fast-track business innovation. We overcome your integration complexities while deploying chatbot platforms, video conferencing software, CRM applications, etc.

More SaaS scalability

Drive secure exchange of any data formats – even during transaction peaks and achieve more SaaS scalability.

Quicker time-to-market

Use industry-standard reusable frameworks to deploy SaaS applications faster and more efficiently than before.

Single view of integration

Build an intuitive and unified view of integration – irrespective of where SaaS applications are deployed.

No extra resources required

Harness our integration expertise to avoid spending time, effort, or money in upskilling or hiring resources.

Prebuilt connectors

Integrate SaaS applications across any cloud environment – public, private, or hybrid – with prebuilt connectors.

Integration transparency

Get a clear and concise view of your SaaS integration efforts to proactively address challenges in the future.

Other Solutions We Offer

Process Automation

Eliminate manual business processes and empower workflow efficiency through automation.

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Omnichannel Integration

Deliver a unified customer experience by synchronizing your data, devices, and channels.

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Legacy Modernization

Empower your legacy systems to expose data and services with digital channels and vice-versa.

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Single Customer View

Connect disparate data sources and build a 360-degree view of customers to anticipate their needs.

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Integrate any SaaS application, no matter the IT complexities.