Omnichannel Integration

Achieve true Omnichannel to
fully engage customers

Enterprises often make the mistake of thinking that going omnichannel is all about opening up new channels of communication with customers. That’s only half the battle. The more important half lies in increasing the enterprise’s integration capacity to adapt to change and future-proof customer engagement. Unless you can seamlessly incorporate new technologies, going omnichannel may be a wild goose chase! Today, with the growing need to personalize conversations at every touchpoint, it’s time to quit being channel-conscious and unify experiences across in-store, web, mobile, IoT, and other channels.

Tellestia’s enterprise integration expertise helps in bringing together your back-end and front-end processes, systems, and applications to create unified customer experiences. Going beyond expanding channels, we help maximize your omnichannel integration investments with API-led connectivity and ensure positive business outcomes during each interaction.

Omnichannel Integration

Our omnichannel integration expertise

Orchestrate back-end processes

We streamline orchestration of back-end workflows to fulfillment, returns and inventory management, etc. Bring your products closer to customers through a tightly-knit back-end architecture.

Smoothen legacy integration
We help enable the flow of data between your legacy systems and newer customer-facing channels. Deliver next-generation experiences without getting bogged down by legacy problems.
Make enterprise data more accessible
We ensure that the enterprise data layer can be securely accessed by the right person – at the right time. Easily make available the data sources across the enterprise with repeatable integration frameworks.
Leverage on-demand scalability

We offer API-led integration that can be scaled based on your business demands. Manage customer expectations and unearth growth opportunities by enhancing existing channels or opening up new ones.

Why choose Tellestia

Tellestia’s vast know-how on point-to-point integrations gives you the power of extensibility and reusability to build a truly omnichannel ecosystem. Our expertise simplifies the process of adding new applications and data layers in your enterprise while using AI-led automation to eliminate any manual processes involved.

True data power
Centralize data management activities with cutting-edge data extraction, warehousing, syncing, and transformation.
Best of both worlds

Instantly bridge any data, system, or service gaps between your cloud-based and on-premises channels.

Low operating costs

Minimize enterprise spending while taking the business omnichannel with our reusable frameworks.

Third-party connectivity

Seamlessly connect with third-party applications and start meeting truly omnichannel customer expectations – wherever they are.

Quicker time-to-market

Accelerate the time taken to deploy new channels to engage customers with personalized conversations.

Extended customer support

Put your enterprise in a position to offer unified and personalized support to customers – anytime, anyplace.

Other Solutions We Offer

Process Automation

Eliminate manual business processes and empower workflow efficiency through automation.

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SaaS Integration

Enable a free flow of data between applications (cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise) in real-time.

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Legacy Modernization

Empower your legacy systems to expose data and services with digital channels and vice-versa.

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Single Customer View

Connect disparate data sources and build a 360-degree view of customers to anticipate their needs.

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Uncomplicate omnichannel integration here and now.