Legacy Modernization

Evolve your legacy systems to meet modern demands

The increased focus on digital transformation has changed the way that enterprises look at modernization. Traditionally, it involved replacing archaic and expensive legacy systems with modern cloud-based applications. But these days, with the rise of mobile, social, and IoT technologies, the lack of interoperability has emerged as a key priority to ensure business continuity without making heavy investments. While lower cost and reduced efforts remain valuable parameters for undertaking legacy modernization, all current best practices point towards the need for integration agility.

Tellestia is focused on creating the best-fit modernization strategy for your business by aligning your new application objectives with your existing infrastructure capabilities.  Our legacy modernization solution streamlines your data and application management processes and proactively bridges the gaps between legacy systems and digitally enabled applications.

Legacy Modernization

Our legacy modernization expertise

Maximize ROI of legacy applications

We enable business continuity by modernizing mission-critical legacy applications and systems. Enable and accelerate the flow of data between cloud applications and on-premises.

Unleash more cloud power
We provide repeatable frameworks to move your enterprise applications to the cloud. Accelerate deployment and improve responsiveness while achieving scalability.
Create and secure interoperability
We ensure interoperability so that your legacy systems can seamlessly connect to third-party applications. Get more security, speed, and agility while working with vendors and partners.
Leverage API to innovate at ease
We empower you with advanced API capabilities to unify how you integrate new applications.  Swiftly and securely connect mobile, web, or IoT touch-points with your legacy systems.

Why choose Tellestia

Tellestia brings world-class modernization prowess to the table, backed by the experience of transforming ‘built to last’ legacy systems into ‘built to evolve’ hybrid applications. We work with you throughout the entire journey of legacy modernization – from consulting to post-live support.

Reduced TCO
Minimize your total cost of ownership with flexible and scalable pricing models without incurring any shadow expenses.
Quick implementation

Integrate legacy applications with cutting-edge interfaces at a blazing-fast speed without compromising on security.

Agility to innovate

Make your enterprise IT ecosystem more agile by connecting siloed systems and quickly breaking down any barriers to innovation.

Resource expertise

Use our expertise to stay on top of legacy modernization without hiring costly and highly skilled resources for coding integration workflows.

Enterprise-wide evolution

Extend integration capabilities across your enterprises, irrespective of the combination of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid systems.

Comprehensive audit

Conduct a thorough audit of your existing processes to better understand the gaps in your legacy systems or applications.

Other Solutions We Offer

Process Automation

Eliminate manual business processes and empower workflow efficiency through automation.

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SaaS Integration

Enable a free flow of data between applications (cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise) in real-time.

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Omnichannel Integration

Deliver a unified customer experience by synchronizing your data, devices, and channels.

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Single Customer View

Connect disparate data sources and build a 360-degree view of customers to anticipate their needs.

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Achieve rapid-fire rollout and migration.