Business Process Automation

Business automation done right

It’s been a few years since business automation went from being a digital disruptor for efficiency into a value creator for enterprise growth. But it has gone beyond just streamlining critical existing processes. Today, there’s a greater need to reimagine the need for data – and how your business processes can provide them. Friction-free integration is the bridge that connects these two moving parts. But many still follow traditional business automation methodologies like custom code development, standalone tool deployment, and point-to-point integrations.

Tellestia’s business automation solutions follow an API-led approach that lets you streamline and access backend data from multiple sources. We also give you discoverable and reusable integration templates that eliminate the need to develop custom codes. With our expertise, you get full visibility to orchestrate all your processes while securely exposing your data applications through APIs.

Business Process Automation

Our business process automation expertise

Do away with repetitive manual tasks

We offer a consultative-led integration approach that helps maximize the scope and success of your business automation goals. Get rid of tedious, time-consuming, and resource-sapping manual processes.

Make your processes more accurate
We integrate intelligent automation frameworks in your IT ecosystem to make your processes leaner and more accurate. Eliminate error-prone tasks that cause financial losses or operational blunders.
Enable enterprise-wide transformation
We enable functional transformation across your enterprise by helping change how teams like HR, sales, IT, finance, deliver, etc. operate. Transform day-to-day or business-critical tasks through a digital-first integration approach.
Reinvent supply chain management
We drive your ability to collaborate with third parties securely by helping automate key parts of the supply chain. Overcome operational challenges involved in working with partners, vendors, service providers, etc.

Why choose Tellestia

Tellestia’s equips you to adopt robust API frameworks to seamlessly integrate process automation while mitigating the risks it presents to your data, applications, and systems. We can also future-proof data migration, extraction, and transformation across any layer in your enterprise to maximize automation ROI.

Accelerated development
Ensure rapid designing and development of automation projects with our end-to-end integration expertise.
Tight security controls

Leverage reusable integration frameworks to add new data security controls or comply with new regulations.

More automation visibility

Get integration transparency across your business application automation ecosystem with data insights.

Unify digital experiences

Bring together digital touchpoints and avoid integration issues that affect omnichannel engagement.

Workforce productivity

Increase user productivity by eliminating manual integration tasks to free up their time to add business value.

Partner ecosystem

Maximize your partner ecosystem with API-led integration that unlocks more collaborative opportunities.

Other Solutions We Offer

Legacy Modernization

Empower your legacy systems to expose data and services with digital channels and vice-versa.

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SaaS Integration

Enable a free flow of data between applications (cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise) in real-time.

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Omnichannel Integration

Deliver a unified customer experience by synchronizing your data, devices, and channels.

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Single Customer View

Connect disparate data sources and build a 360-degree view of customers to anticipate their needs.

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Reimagine what you can do with process automation.