Application Monitoring Engine

Ensure the optimal performance & reliability of your application

Applications are the backbone of any modern business, supporting critical processes, transactions, and interactions. Any disruption or degradation in their performance can result in revenue loss, diminished customer satisfaction, and damaged brand reputation. Moreover, applications often operate in complex and distributed environments, making it challenging to pinpoint the root causes of issues without proper monitoring.

Tellestia’s Application Monitoring Engine addresses these challenges by actively monitoring key metrics, collecting logs, detecting exceptions, and providing real-time insights into application behavior. It enables businesses to proactively identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot problems swiftly, and ensure smooth operations of their applications with extensive alert mechanisms.

Tellestia Application Monitoring Tool

Tellestia’s Application Monitoring Engine Features

Our Application Monitoring Engine is built upon a decoupled architecture, combined with a scalable and event-driven design, enabling it to effectively fulfill the most crucial demands of an enterprise.


Our Application Monitoring Engine offers comprehensive audit functionality to track and analyze user actions and system events. With detailed audit logs, users can easily identify potential risks, detect unauthorized access, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Log Monitoring
Our platform enables users to collect, store, and analyze logs from multiple sources, giving a holistic view of the application’s behavior. Easily search & filter logs based on specific criteria such as time and severity to pinpoint issues and proactively address them.
Exception Handling
Our Application Monitoring platform allows users to capture and analyze exceptions, generating detailed reports for each occurrence. By understanding the root cause of exceptions, users can quickly resolve errors, optimize code, and enhance user experience.
Customize alerts based on specific conditions, such as errors, system failures, or performance anomalies. Receive instant notifications via email or SMS, ensuring that users are promptly notified about any issues that require immediate attention.
When dealing with failed or erroneous transactions, our platform offers robust reprocessing capabilities. Identify & select specific transactions for reprocessing, allowing users to correct errors, update data, or retry failed transactions.
Streaming Logs
Our Application Monitoring tool provides a streaming log feature, enabling users to continuously monitor log data as it flows in. Analyze logs in real-time, identify patterns, and respond swiftly to emerging issues, enhancing the application’s performance and stability.

Why choose Tellestia’s Application Monitoring Engine

Tellestia’s Application Monitoring Engine is a robust platform that brings significant value addition to businesses, empowering them to overcome monitoring challenges and unlock the full potential of their applications.

Comprehensive Monitoring
Gain deep insights into your application’s performance, user activities, and system events.
Efficient Issue Resolution

Easily identify and resolve issues through powerful log analysis and exception tracking.

Intelligent Alerting

Stay informed about critical events and changes with customizable alerts and notifications.

Zero Transaction Loss

Correct errors and handle failed transactions without disrupting your application’s workflow.

Real-time Monitoring

Analyze streaming logs in real-time, enabling proactive issue detection and resolution.

Cost-effective Solution

An affordable alternative to AWS CloudWatch and Other Cloud-Based Log Streaming Platforms.

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