Middleware Managed Services

Safeguard middleware investments

Enterprises undergoing transformational journeys are impacted by continuous support and compliance. Today’s unpredictable industry dynamics force them to be competitive – making it critical to cost-effectively manage the IT ecosystem.

Our middleware managed services experts make sure that you set the right expectations, complete IT priorities, and overcome cost constraints. We help you:

  • Get middleware managed services for operational support and strategic services.
  • Deploy and manage business applications and IT systems while optimizing costs and minimizing risks.
  • Rationalize operational expenditure by ensuring a higher turnaround time.
Middleware Managed Services

Managing middleware support expectations

Enterprises have been investing in technologies to cope with changing industry dynamics. But they grapple with challenges that hinder their IT managed support due to increased expectations, competing IT priorities, and cost constraints. Some of the other challenges include:

Lack of proactive monitoring controls to manage back-end and front-end applications
Poor transparency across the overall enterprise IT ecosystem
Inability to offer end-to-end support in a rapid cloud adoption climate
Discovering skilled resources to handle dynamic security issues
Lowered support automation ROI due to improper strategizing and planning
Siloed distribution of applications, systems, and infrastructure with disparate data touchpoints

Our middleware managed services

Tellestia empowers enterprises of all sizes to strengthen their ability to deploy and manage critical business applications and IT systems while optimizing costs and minimizing risks. Our proven methodologies and process expertise go a long way to unearth your real-world challenges of middleware managed services and capitalize on growth opportunities, as well.

Incident Management
We empower you to streamline incident management while reducing costs and keeping IT teams motivated.
Problem Management

We help instantly detect and address problems before they can cause serious system disruptions.

Change Management

We take a proactive approach to perform managed support tasks such as patch updates, security maintenance, etc.

Release Management

We ensure that you are in a position to smartly plan for, schedule, test, and deploy, and control software releases.

Configuration Management

We equip you to identify, record, and track the attributes of your technology stack to strengthen enterprise performance.

Service Level Engagement

We guide you through the complex IT landscape of SLAs so that you can maximize middleware technology ROI.

Why Choose Us

Our cross-skilled capability and support process compliance expertise ensure higher turnaround time, rationalize operational expenditure, and deliver innovative solutions across support areas.

Reduced TCO

Our proven track record shows that we can help increase overall value by 30-40 % and improve productivity by 15-20% annually.

Manageable Costs

Our focus is on offering multiple support plans to get more flexibility while choosing the best-fit plan for your business.

Continuous Improvement

Our risk-free transition approach is equipped with a steady-state framework and extensive scope for continuous improvement.

Free up your IT teams and get 24x7 support.