API Integration Services

Achieve API-led business modernization

Without cloud-based apps, business modernization isn’t possible. That’s why APIs today are at the front and center of integration strategies. They enable low-code solutions that allow your enterprise’s systems, applications, and workflows to communicate with third-party products.

Our API-led approach simplifies the integration process and speeds up workforce productivity. We help you to:

  • Bring in new application components into your current architecture.
  • Maximize the value of legacy systems by leveraging data sources.
  • Adopt best-in-class products to accelerate digital transformation.
API Integration Services

Navigating past API integration challenges

With APIs achieving connectivity between products, systems, external applications, and even websites, several complexities are involved. Without the right expertise to build custom APIs, it can lead to functionality and process overlaps. Some of the other challenges include:

Expensive, risky, and time-consuming re-engineering efforts
Weak API governance model – leading to security risks that may affect the business
Friction-heavy API orchestration process due to lack of interoperability
Lack of a unified and secure API gateway to effectively test and deploy APIs
Poor visibility into API lifecycle management – diminishing decision-making capabilities
Difficulty in handling API integration maintenance and upgrading

Our API integration services

Tellestia helps you take control of the end-to-end API lifecycle and accelerate your enterprise’s journey towards digital transformation. Our expertise in building unified API gateways equips you to easily create, publish, and manage APIs with scalability and reusability.

API Design and Architecture Services
We offer API Design and Architecture consulting services that lay out the roadmap to create or improve your API journey.
API Testing Services

We provide quality assurance checks through API testing services to create security governance and ensure high performance.

Custom API Integration Services

We develop a custom-built API integration plan to achieve seamless connectivity between the workflows in your enterprise.

Third-Party API Integration Services

We offer third-party API integration capabilities by allowing quick and secure collaboration to unlock real business value.

Social media API Integration Services

We help integrate your digital touchpoints to social media platforms to increase customer engagement and attract leads.

Payment Gateway API Integration Services

We enable secure API-led connectivity between your websites or apps and popular payment gateway providers.

Why Choose Us

We take ownership of your API integration deliverables - from consulting and design to analytics and maintenance. Our code-free development tools give your enterprise the power to deploy, monetize, or maximize APIs – as and when required.

Specialized Experience

Backed by over a decade of specialized middleware experience, we develop industry-specific solutions that reduce development time and save money.


As middleware experts, we assist our clients in building robust solutions on both open-source and licensed-based enterprise integration platforms.


With our commitment to client success, we provide 24×7 dedicated support and respond to business needs immediately at very affordable costs.

Take full control of your API integration lifecycle.