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Success story - Insurance
Our client is one of the largest Insurance companies with strong presence in the Middle East providing working people and their families with greater financial security through Insurance policies. The customer provides an all-inclusive range of retail and commercial insurance products to clients in the UAE, as well as the Middle East. This contains both typical and customised policies to help individuals; small, medium, and large enterprises; and government entities, obtain reliable and cost-effective insurance covers.


With a strong client base and diverse product line, the client’s integration requirement started with the need to collaborate extensively with external channels of sales for Insurance products. Our client understood that they lagged in new tech adoption realizing a widening gap thwarting their growth in the sector and digital success. There was an immediate need to reach out and expansively collaborate with external sales channels through a robust solution to gain a strategic advantage.


Our solution was to implement a middleware layer using WSO2 which is a open-source, lightweight and versatile technology enabling communication between broad range of systems. Since the customer’s core business involves Salesforce that was used in creating, renewing and updating contract, the easily available connectors in WSO2 was majorly used to interact with APIs of Salesforce.

This WSO2 middleware layer implemented helps facilitate all Insurance contract generation / updating / renewal of contracts in Salesforce to be executed based on the end customer request. The open API architecture implementation developed based on industry specific design principles allows for a robust and scalable setup extensible for other Integration landscape.


The WSO2 Enterprise Integration layer connecting Salesforce and the User Experience applications helped our customer evolve and mature towards implementing a solid technology platform ensuring a better user experience.

The transformational change as an outcome of the implementation is listed below

  • A stable middleware layer through a lean open-source approach capable enough to be extended and ported to any user experience applications / sales channels.
  • WSO2 ESB as a central hub into which all platforms and applications (external/ internal) including legacy can talk to.
  • Deliver better Insurance services with optimized efficiency translating into savings and elevated customer experience.
  • Opened the venue for higher reach of Insurance contracts partnering with Banks and other third-party vendors.
  • Strengthened partnership will all sales channels helping in better positioning of Insurance products.

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