Enabling real-time data integration for a leading healthcare provider in Saudi ArabiaHealthcare Services

Success story - Healthcare
Our client is one of the largest multi-disciplinary hospitals based out of Saudi Arabia with more than 250 certified physicians and 1500 employees.


With the mission to become the trusted healthcare institute in the region, our client embarked on the digital transformation journey to streamline their operational efficiency and provide better customer service. During the transition, they faced several challenges in their business processes and data management areas across finance, supply chain and hospital operations.

  • Lack of Relationship Management and Hospital Operations
    The major issue that the client had was with lack of connectivity with their Patients through proper operational features like booking doctor appointments, maintaining patient data, history and proactively reaching out to them for additional care and support.
  • Non-Collaborative Financial Transactions / Accounting
    Our client needed proper management, recording and tracking of financial transactions. The need is basically an integration with a full-fledged ERP system (cloud/on-premise) to understand and track the cash flow, deposits, payments and other transactional data.
  • Inefficient Supply Chain process
    Due to inefficient SCM process, our client ended up paying higher operational cost. Expenses were incurring due to inventory hold-up, expired products and excess supplies. The absence of integration on the supply chains further resulted in drug shortages, hidden costs and additional overheads due to manual processes.


Upon thorough assessment of the disparate systems and understanding of the business process and operations, we architected a solution using WSO2, #1 open-source middleware platform. The solution was designed to integrate the existing Oracle Hospital Information System with Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM systems across modules related to Hospital Management, Customer relationship, Financial transactions and Supply chain – Procurement, Logistics, Planning and Asset Management.


The enterprise integration solution has enabled our client to take a big leap towards gaining high patient attention through improved and proactive patient interactions. Also they experienced a seismic shift towards staying ahead with other hospitals in operational competence, providing improved quality health care and operational productivity.

  • Centralized Healthcare Data hub
  • Transformation of CRM to extensive Patient Relationship Management
  • Reduced Operational Costs and increased profitability through strategic planning
  • Improved customer service and process resulting in higher patient care
  • Enabling core Integration platform to embark on Analytics journey for better decisions

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