Achieving customer 360 view for a leading retailer in middle east using wso2 platformRetailer

Success story - Retail
Our customer is one of the fastest growing retailer in Middle East with over 30 departmental stores and 400 employees.


To remain competitive and provide top notch customer experience, our customer has invested a lot in newer technology and are using best of the breed applications. This had created a complex network of software applications that slowed the operations and made it almost impossible to deliver a consistent experience across channels.

To deliver an outstanding experience, our customer were looking for a solution that can unify their internal and external systems. Also they wanted to gain more insights about their customers to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. The retailer’s ability to capitalize on potential sales opportunities and to deliver a unique, personalized experience was hindered by its disparate systems, which stored essential information in various silos.


After a thorough evaluation of their current IT architecture, Tellestia proposed a customer 360 solution using WSO2 ESB platform that would deliver a seamless and efficient customer experience.

With WSO2 platform, the employees can get a 360-degree view of the customer on a single screen without having to navigate between screens. It presents customer data, business processes and business rules. WSO2 ESB helped to tightly integrate their sales channels with their warehouse management systems and order management systems; resulting in real-time access to product availability and tracking.


The robust integration enabled by WSO2 ESB has successfully transformed the retailer’s business processes, streamlining them and removing unnecessary manual work. By automating where possible, our customer was able to collect, consolidate and analyze all data in one centralized place.

  • Improved customer interaction
  • More effective marketing campaigns
  • New upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • More optimized customer strategies

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